Studies have found that singing is no more dangerous than speaking in terms of COVID transmission, however there are of course risks associated with any activity that involves being together in person, particularly in an indoor space.

Because of this, I am now teaching the majority of lessons online, whilst implementing measures to ensure in-person lessons are as COVID-secure as possible. It's also worth remembering that singing is great for the immune system.


While London is under lockdown, I am currently offering lessons online only (via Zoom), however intend to resume COVID-secure in-person lessons from 3rd December.


Online lessons can take place at your home, work, school - in fact, anywhere that you have a device and an internet connection. Providing your connection is okay, then in most instances you will soon forget that it is an online lesson at all!

What do I need in terms of equipment?

I will happily run through your equipment specifications via email before the initial lesson, but generally, you will need:


A computer / iPad / phone with webcam and microphone (internal is fine), speakers, water, and pen and paper.

Do I need an expensive microphone?

Absolutely not. These days most laptops, phones and tablets have good enough microphones to support Zoom lessons.

But I don't know anything about tech!

Don't worry; I do! I will happily run through your equipment specifications via email before the initial lesson, and will be on hand to problem-solve throughout.

I'm worried about my internet connection...

If possible, have the lesson take place in the room closest to the internet router. If we still experience problems, it may be necessary for you to purchase a cheap ethernet cable, so that you can plug your computer directly into the router box.

How do I pay you?

Once we have a lesson booked in, I will send you a Paypal payment link where you can make a secure payment ahead of the lesson. You don't need a Paypal account for this. Remember that lessons cancelled or rearranged with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full rate. 

Can you play piano at the same time as I sing?

This is one of the limitations of online lessons - however I use a combination of backing tracks and 'listen and repeat' to ensure you are still able to sing along to music, whilst also working on ear training skills (that are very useful for a singer!).


I don't have Zoom!

Zoom is available as a free download here. It's simple to navigate and easy to use, plus I can help you with any technical issues


Whilst London is under lockdown, I am currently offering online lessons only, however intend to resume teaching in-person from 3rd December onwards (lockdown-permitting).

What COVID protection measures do you have in place in the studio?

Singing in close proximity with someone will never be entirely risk-free, however I have endeavoured to make in-person lessons as COVID-secure as possible, through installing protective screens to stop the projection of respiratory droplets, along with a HEPA medical grade air filter to filter out airborne particles. I also have hand sanitiser available for students and teacher to use. If either you or a member of your household begin to show symptoms of COVID-19, I ask that you please move your lesson to online instead, to ensure safety of all students. I clean the studio thoroughly between lessons.  If you have any questions or concerns about singing and COVID, please don't hesitate to get in touch.