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Recommended Resources


Currently, there are three exam boards offering contemporary singing exams to candidates of all ages and levels.


I am happy to teach all of these syllabuses:


RSL Awards


London College of Music


Trinity Rock



Theory is Fun by Maureen Cox - Grades 1-5 

Easy to understand, child-friendly and perfect for both those sitting formal music exams and those who just want to get a solid grasp on the theory of music. Quizzes, word-searches and cartoons make these, in my opinion, the most accessible theory books on the market. 


Sightsinging: The Complete Method for Singers by Mike Campbell

An absolute MUST for anyone who is interested in sight-singing or improving their ear. This series of exercises ranges from fairly basic clapping and sight-reading to advanced exercises involving sight-reading complex rhythms and harmonies. 


The Complete Vocal Workout: A step-by-step guide to tough vocals by Roger Kain

A series of HARD, but invaluable exercises which are great for building up the techniques necessary to take on really challenging rock and metal songs, as well as providing a solid foundation for singing more generally. 




There are some great apps for Apple and android devices, which are brilliant for improving your ear and rhythm. Here are some of my favourites:


Blob Chorus


Beat Sneak Bandit


Right Note


Rhythm Repeat




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