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"I have been training with Sophie for 2 years now, and have noticed that it has really improved my vocal range and also my confidence in general. In a matter of a few months I was singing songs with a much larger range and with a lot more ease that I had previously struggled with. The increase in my vocal range means I am now able to sing in a variety of genres and styles with much more ease. Sophie has also helped me with audition pieces and played a large part in much of the success I have had so far!" - Amy Lee 


"Sophie's lessons are the highlight of my daughter Lia's week! Her lessons are fun and engaging, and we have noticed significant improvements in Lia's singing and knowledge of music more generally. My daughter now writes her own songs and has gone from refusing to sing in front of anyone to being chosen as the lead in her school musical. I can't recommend Sophie highly enough." - James Hart


"I have been taught by Sophie for 8 years and I have now reached Grade 8 Rockschool with a Distinction! Sophie is a great teacher who has a fun and calm approach to singing. My technique over the years has developed with Sophie's guidance and exercises and I am now performing at open mics. I could not ask for a better singing teacher!" - Beatrice Lancet, age 16

"Sophie is amazing! I can't believe how much my singing has come on. She is fun, patient and has really helped with both my confidence and my singing.  I now feel like I really understand how the voice works and have actually started enjoying the sound of my own voice!"

- Maria Kelleher


​“I first learnt to sing over fifteen years ago following a very traditional approach whereby the voice and range is pigeon-holed into a certain type and limit: I was a classical baritone. Sophie’s approach is much more contemporary and draws on the latest scientific understanding of how the voice works whilst also looking at the complete package of performing and musicianship. Since working with Sophie my range has expanded dramatically and my voice feels much more comfortable and free. My confidence has grown considerably. I’ve learnt a lot more about other, often neglected, areas of singing such as ear training, sight-singing and performing. Over the last couple of years I have sung and performed various parts and pieces in different styles, from musical theatre to lyrical tenor and even pop/rock, which I’d always been told were not for my voice type or range. I’m no longer limited by range or type, I’m now simply a male vocalist who enjoys performing the songs he wants sing. This is all thanks to Sophie.” - Andrew Whelan

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